Valuation Services

Valuation is knowing the value of a property. It is a very broad concept. Generally in a business, valuation is required for various purposes. Valuation is not only the requirement of business/ a company but also it is required by the individuals.

There are various purposes for which valuation is required. Thite Valuers & Engineers provide Valuation services for Land, Building, Plant & Machinery for various purposes.

Property Valuation Services

Property valuation mainly deals with the valuation of land, building, plant and machinery. We provide property valuation services for various purposes.

Corporate Valuation Services

Corporate Valuation services are valuation services provided to corporate clients for various purposes.

Specialized Asset Valuation Services

It includes valuation of specialized assets that is ships, windmills, vehicles, power plants, factories etc.

Litigation and Arbitration Support Services

In the court matters where claims of damages, mense profit or of reasonable rent etc.

Valuation Under Tax Laws

Competent valuer for Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax etc.

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