Advances and Bank Loan

Lending banks ask for some security in the form of assets. The valuation of assets is required for prime security as well as for collateral security.

Bank Guarantee

To establish creditworthiness of clients, banks require the valuation of their real estate assets. We are authorized by most of the leading banks in the country and hence our valuation reports are acceptable everywhere in the country.

Solvency Certificate

Required by banks, courts and the government for which a valuation report of the property is the basis.

Stamp Duty Adjudication

A buyer needs to pay stamp duty to the State Govt. of Maharashtra, so as to register the property transaction. Sometimes unreasonable stamp duty is demanded by the authorities. We give expert advice regarding the valuation on stamp duty adjudication matters.

Probate / Will

Rent Fixation

Divorce Proceedings


Valuation under Tax Laws

  1. Income Tax – It is obligatory for a tax payer to declare the cost of construction for his new house or reconstruction / remodeling of his immovable property. He is required to substantiate his say with a report from a competent valuer. We provide such services.
  2. Capital Gains Tax – Any profit arising from the transfer of a capital asset is chargeable to tax under the head ‘capital gains’. It is necessary to obtain the indexed cost of acquisition of the property and to obtain the value of the property as on April 1, 2001, for assessing the capital gains. We are capable of providing such services.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

In the court matters where claims of damages, mense profit or of reasonable rent etc. are the bones of contention, then report of the valuer plays an important role. Especially if the valuer is examined by the Court, then the seasoned and experienced valuer like us is of great use.

Visa Requirement

Embassies of some of the developed countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K. and Australia ask for proof of the estate held by the visa applicant in the country of his origin.