India is a developing country and hence infrastructure is a hinge on which the economy progresses.

The Need

  • Core Infrastructure like roads, power, bridges and dams are the mines which would lead us to a prospering future.


  • Infrastructure in terms of Real Estate is the second largest employer after agriculture. We give our services to following sectors :
    1. Housing
    2. Retail
    3. Hospitality
    4. Commercial

How we help

Thite Valuers & Engineers provide Valuation services for :
  1. Advances and Bank Loan
  2. For Accounting Purpose
  3. Merger and Acquisition of companies
  4. For joint ventures
  5. Admission and retirement of partner
  6. Arbitration support
  7. Public Issues of companies
  8. Stamp Duty Adjudication
  9. Evaluation of the estimated cost of the construction work
  10. Techno – Economic Viability (TEV) Study /Feasibility Study of the construction/infrastructure project
  11. Lenders Independent Engineering (LIE) / Services for Construction/Infrastructure Project
  12. Third party certification of carpet areas and built up areas of premises