Lender’s Independent Engineer is appointed by the lending party – the banks, or the financial institutions or the investors, who monitors the project’s implementation at various stages of the development of the work.

This is done by making visits to project sites at regular intervals, and by monitoring it closely.

The need of LIE

The LIE appointed by the lenders, studies the stage wise development on the projects, and ascertains that the milestones are reached effectively. In doing so, the problem areas are noted, growth charts, draw-down schedules and implementation schedules are studied, necessary vital monitored and the project is overall reviewed from the point of view of the lender. LIE also ensures that the relevant statutory permissions for the project are in place.

Role of Thite Valuers & Engineers as LIE

LIE is generally a very senior and experienced professional, having a team of versatile experts at his disposal. ‘Thite Valuers & Engineers’ satisfy this criterion.

Our company has successfully handled the assignment of LIE work for the World’s Tallest Residential building coming up at Lower Parel, Mumbai. We were appointed by the consortium of banks for this assignments.

We are empaneled with leading banks and financial institutions and are the preferred consultants to act on your LIE projects.