Banking & Finance

The role of the banking and finance sector is highly important in the realm of infrastructure, industry growth, personal finances, and economic turmoil.

The Need

One might depend on the banking & finance industry for the following reasons.

  • Advances and Bank Loans for SME, Mid-Corps and Large Corps
  • Housing Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Commercial Finance
  • Industrial Finance
  • Corporate Finance

How we help

Our experienced team of professionals and our empanelment with almost all major Public Sector banks, private banks, NBFCs, co-operative banks etc. renders us to effectively serve on the following cases.

Before Lending



Project valuation to ensure the value of the main as well as the collateral securities.


Techno-Economic Viability/Feasibility (TEV)

To ensure the viability of the project. It includes, technical as well as financial feasibility. This is done by studying technical aspects of the project and its financials.

After Lending



Post TEV, Thite Valuers & Engineers get involved in stage wise valuation of the project.


Lenders Independent Engineer (LIE)

Study the progress of the project and giving periodic progress reports to the lender. In the process, all the necessary statutory approvals and permissions required for the project are checked. Further, a check is placed on the utilization of the funds provided by the lender. Draw-down schedules, implementation schedules etc. are monitored.