We at Thite Valuers & Engineers provide various services to private firms which includes Valuation, Techno-Economic Viability/Feasibility (TEV) study, Lenders/Owners Independent Engineering Services and Chartered Engineering Services.


Accounting/ Financial Reporting

Companies need to show the valuation of their assets in the balance sheet. We provide the valuation services for such purposes.

Advances and Bank Loan

Lending banks ask for some security in the form of assets. Whenever registered or equitable mortgages are executed, the valuation of assets is required for prime security as well as for collateral security.

Admission / Retirement of Partner

Whenever a partner is admitted to a firm or when one retires from a firm, revaluation of the firm’s assets becomes essential. We offer such revaluation services.

Amalgamation, Mergers, Takeovers of Companies

Whenever there is a change in the constitution of a company due to a merger, takeover, amalgamation or purchase of a subsidiary, real estate valuation is required. We provide our services in this area also.

Transfer of properties by way of sales, inheritance, acquisition, gift etc.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

Bank Guarantee

To establish creditworthiness of clients, banks require the valuation of their real estate assets. We are authorized by most of the leading banks in the country and hence our valuation reports are acceptable everywhere in the country.


Joint Venture

When foreign companies establish joint ventures or subsidiaries in India, valuation of assets of the Indian company is required by the foreign counterpart of the Indian company as well as the RBI.

Land Acquisition

Under the Land Acquisition Act 2013, the government is authorized to acquire private property for the purpose of public utilities. In the litigations of this matter, the real estate valuation forms an important background.

Public Issue of Companies

As per the requirements of SEBI, the companies going public are required to get their assets valued from a competent valuer. We have given our services to many such companies.

Recovery of Loan and Auction

Whenever banks or enterprises want to dispose off their assets, valuation services are required which are offered by us.

Rent Fixation

Royalty Fixation

Under the Land Acquisition Act 2013, the government is authorized to acquire private property for the purpose of public utilities. In the litigations of this matter, the real estate valuation forms an important background.

Stamp Duty Adjudication

A buyer needs to pay stamp duty to the State Govt. of Maharashtra, so as to register the property transaction. Sometimes unreasonable stamp duty is demanded by the authorities. We give expert advice regarding the valuation on stamp duty adjudication matters.

Valuation under Tax Laws

  1. Income Tax – It is obligatory for a tax payer to declare the cost of construction for his new house or reconstruction / remodeling of his immovable property. He is required to substantiate his say with a report from a competent valuer. We provide such services.
  2. Capital Gains Tax – Any profit arising from the transfer of a capital asset is chargeable to tax under the head ‘capital gains’. It is necessary to obtain the indexed cost of acquisition of the property and to obtain the value of the property as on April 1, 2001, for assessing the capital gains. We are capable of providing such services.

Valuation of Plant & Machinery

Valuation of plant and machinery legally competent and technically experienced manpower is the virtue of our company. Plant and Machinery valuation is required for lenders, prospective buyers, investors or insurers etc.

Specialized asset valuation

It includes valuation of specialized assets like vehicles, ships, power plants, windmills, factories etc.

TEV Study

Generally, the Techno economic evaluation (TEV) study is conducted before projects are launched. The TEV study or feasibility study reports is recommended by financial institution / investor to ascertain the viability of a projects. Occasionally TEV study is conducted to do diagnosis of an unsatisfactory functioning unit. Decisions of restructuring or additional financing are based on TEV studies.

Why TEV Study?

TEV study is a step by the lender or investor at ensuring that they are funding the right and profitable projects. In doing this the objective is –

  • To understand technical feasibility of the project.
  • To know financial viability of the project.
  • To understand various risk factors involved.
  • To understand market conditions that is market study.

How Thite Valuers help with TEV study

The team at Thite Valuers & Engineers are seasoned at handling TEV studies. As TEV consultants, we have serviced a plethora of clients, in an array of industries. A detailed project study and analysis is followed by a detailed TEV Study report, which is presented to be submitted to banks / financial institutions/ investors.

More so, Thite Valuers & Engineers are empaneled across almost all major banks and financial Institutions in India.

LIE (Lender's Independent Engineer)

Lender’s Independent Engineer is appointed by the lending party – the banks, or the financial institutions or the investors, who monitors the project’s implementation at various stages of the development of the work.

This is done by making visits to project sites at regular intervals, and by monitoring it closely.

The need of LIE

The LIE appointed by the lenders, studies the stage wise development on the projects, and ascertains that the milestones are reached effectively. In doing so, the problem areas are noted, growth charts, draw-down schedules and implementation schedules are studied, necessary vital monitored and the project is overall reviewed from the point of view of the lender. LIE also ensures that the relevant statutory permissions for the project are in place.

Role of Thite Valuers & Engineers as LIE

LIE is generally a very senior and experienced professional, having a team of versatile experts at his disposal. ‘Thite Valuers & Engineers’ satisfy this criterion.

Our company has successfully handled the assignment of LIE work for the World’s Tallest Residential building coming up at Lower Parel, Mumbai. We were appointed by the consortium of banks for this assignments.

We are empaneled with leading banks and financial institutions and are the preferred consultants to act on your LIE projects.