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TEV/Feasibility Study

Generally, the Techno economic evaluation(TEV) study is conducted before projects are launched.

The TEV study or feasibility study reports is recommended by financial institution/investor to ascertain the viability of a projects. Occasionally TEV study is conducted to do diagnosis of an unsatisfactory functioning unit. Decisions of restructuring or additional financing are based on TEV studies.

Why TEV Study??

TEV study is a step by the lender or investor at ensuring that they are funding the right and profitable projects. In doing this the objective is –

  • To understand technical feasibility of the project.
  • To know financial viability of the project.
  • To understand various risk factors involved.
  • To understand market conditions that is market study.

How Thite Valuers help with TEV study?

The team at Thite Valuers & Engineers are seasoned at handling TEV studies. As TEV consultants, we have serviced a plethora of clients, in an array of industries. A detailed project study and analysis is followed by a detailed TEV Study report, which is presented to be submitted to banks / financial institutions/ investors.

More so, Thite Valuers & Engineers are empanelled across almost all major banks and financial Institutions in India.


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TEV/Feasibility Study

Generally, the Techno economic evaluation (TEV) study is conducted before...

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